Samantha, Freelancer – Singapore

Who are you and what are you best known for? 

I am known for someone who believes in a balanced lifestyle and focus on how the clothing fits and make you feel confident, feeling healthy, strong, energetic and happy.

I am incredibly passionate about helping people transform their bodies into what they want to see in the mirror each morning, this means different things to different people.  Read More “Samantha, Freelancer – Singapore”

Wen Shian – MOVE Private Fitness

Hey, I am Coach Wen Shian! I am currently a Strength and Conditioning Coach, National Level Powerlifting Athlete and a Studio Manager of MOVE Private Fitness Malaysia. I am known for my contrasting personas I have in my own training (yeaa powerlifting kind) and the person I am outside of it (dealing with clients, peers etc). Therefore, I don’t bite! But my coaching style is based on a high care high challenge approach. And that’s what I’m known for amongst my clients.

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Therapy Fitness

What is Therapy Fitness and what does it represent?

Therapy is a brand new boutique fitness concept that represents the need for change in our industry. We want to flip the script on fitness being sold as a tool purely to burn calories or punish yourself  for last nights “treats” and instead highlight the incredible importance of fitness for mental and emotional health as well as physical.

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Taking the fitness industry by storm ExPRO Fitness offers Singapore and Southeast Asia exposure to evolving education from world-renowned experts inside a vibrant and motivating fitness community. Our intent is to create the largest and most comprehensive co-collaboration platform in SEA promoting international education offering increased exposure and opportunities for Exercise Professionals and collectively work towards a more successful and cohesive exercise profession.