One Playground – Australia’s Leading SuperBoutique

What is One Playground and what does it represent?

One Playground is a ‘superboutique’, an all encompassing Playground for all things health and wellness. Our vision is to reimagine the design of a gym, and provide everything under one roof, for one membership. Our company values are to be #1 One Team, of #2 Great Humans, who #3 Get Better Every Day, so we can #4 Design The Future, and, most importantly… #5 Do Cool Sh*t!

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Strength Corp – Singapore

What is Strength Corp Training and what does it represent?

Strength Corp stands as a pioneering force in the fitness industry, driven by the ambition to transform the dynamics between trainers and clients through technological innovation. At its core, Strength Corp represents how coaching expertise and technological innovation can come together to revolutionize the fitness industry. We go beyond the conventional role of app developers by actively participating as coaches ourselves, leading by example in the fitness industry. We believe in making fitness not only effective, but also enjoyable and accessible by everyone.

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Tribal Fitness – Singapore

What is Tribal Fitness and what does it represent?

“When I started coaching and training with weights 10 years ago, I always encountered rusty dumbbells, broken weight plates and unloaded barbells which have been bent. So the idea struck me to look for better equipment to train with and thus, Tribal Fitness was founded in 2019.”

Ultimately, Tribal Fitness is a distributor of gym equipment in Singapore, providing Strength & Conditioning equipment, such as customized functional fitness rigs, weightlifting barbells, weight plates, kettlebells, and wide range of fitness related equipment for commercial gyms, military bases, schools and for home-use.

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REVL Training – Singapore

What is REVL Training and what does it represent?

REVL Training is pioneering a whole new era of functional fitness. Through science-backed programming, elite coaching and an unmatched team atmosphere, REVL is changing the way members train, and transforming how they progress towards their goals.

Ultimately, REVL represents more than a place where people come to sweat. Instead, it embodies a community of like minded people. and a culture of exceptional growth and performance.

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PEP for FitPros – Canada

What is PEP for FitPros and what does it represent?

PEP for FitPros is a collaboration between Noël Nocciolo & Ashley FitzSimmons-Olsen, MS CCC-SLP.

PEP is our voice course which provides simple, actionable tools for all-format group exercise instructors and personal trainers. We created it for those who want to both fill their room and keep members engaged, as well as continue coaching for many years to come.

“PEP” = Preserve, Enhance, Protect.

“Preserve & Protect” is voice care, health and hygiene. We teach simple strategies anyone can do to avoid voice issues which can lead to loss of income when subbing-out sessions due to temporary voice loss, at best, and voice changes and/or the need for delicate surgery with a long rehabilitation process, at worst.

“Enhance” is voice performance. We leverage our backgrounds as two former performers both with university undergrad degrees in acting with 5 simple tools we learned in school, as it applies to inspiring members to do hard things in an exercise session.

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The Fit Guide – Singapore

What is The Fit Guide and what does it represent?

The Fit Guide is the only global, independent rating system for premium fitness clubs and studios.

Our team of ‘experience evaluators’, as we call them, anonymously visit leading fitness clubs across the globe to assess the full client experience, much like Michelin Guide has done for 100 years for restaurants, and Forbes Travel Guide for over 60 years for hotels.

We represent excellence in the fitness industry. In fact, excellence is one of our values as a company, as we seek to elevate the standards of fitness to the same high levels as other, more established, industries.

If you’re a fitness-lover, The Fit Guide will help you find the world’s best fitness experiences. If you’re a business owner, we have resources to help you achieve true hospitality excellence.

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STRONG Pilates – Singapore

What is STRONG Pilates and what does it represent?

STRONG Pilates takes traditional Pilates and flips it on its head. Our patented Rowformer and Exclusively Licensed Bikeformer tethers a Pilates bed to a rower or bike — the choice is yours. Like nothing you’ve ever experienced, the STRONG method is a full body workout that’s high intensity and low impact to help you get more out of your workout, with minimal risk of injury. It is cardio infused and Pilates inspired, promising a full body burn in just 45 minutes.

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Therapy Fitness – Australia

What is Therapy Fitness and what does it represent?

Therapy is a brand new boutique fitness concept that represents the need for change in our industry. We want to flip the script on fitness being sold as a tool purely to burn calories or punish yourself  for last nights “treats” and instead highlight the incredible importance of fitness for mental and emotional health as well as physical.

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Taking the fitness industry by storm ExPRO Fitness offers Singapore and Southeast Asia exposure to evolving education from world-renowned experts inside a vibrant and motivating fitness community. Our intent is to create the largest and most comprehensive co-collaboration platform in SEA promoting international education offering increased exposure and opportunities for Exercise Professionals and collectively work towards a more successful and cohesive exercise profession.