Samuel Schepis


Sam is the co-owner and Chief Operations Officer of JPS Health & Fitness. In his role he not only oversee the overall business operations of the business, but also actively practices as a coach, working with individuals of all calibres, in person and online. With over a decades coaching experience working in the trenches and over 25,000 coaching sessions he is well versed in what it drtakes to be a successful coach and ultimately help each client not only improve their health and fitness, but enjoy the process and reach their goals. Sam has formal education from La Trobe University where he studied a Bachelor of Law, and a Bachelor of Business. Two degrees that equipped him with a foundation of knowledge that is well aligned to a vital managing the business operations at JPS, to ensure that the business continues to not only perform but grow and develop for the future. Overseeing the entire JPS team, various projects, events and working with Jacob to build a company that is capable of helping as many individuals as possible in their health and fitness endeavours, and truly “raise the standard” of the fitness industry at large. Sam is also a National Powerlifting Champion, ex-National-record holder and a Pro Bodybuilder. He demonstrates a passion for self-betterment, pushing the boundaries and challenging one’s self in his own training and life.

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