George Iu


George Iu is the Zumba® Education Specialist (ZES™) and Strong by Zumba® Master Trainer from Hong Kong. He conducts Zumba® Basic 1, Basic 2, and Zumba® Kids & Kids Jr. and Strong by Zumba® trainings in Asia. His Zumba® career started in 2008 and until this day he still LOVES the Zumba® programs because he believes this is the ONLY fitness program in the world that truly embraces everyone, and through Zumba® the Zumba® family is changing the world and making it a better place.


Taking the fitness industry by storm ExPRO Fitness offers Singapore and Southeast Asia exposure to evolving education from world-renowned experts inside a vibrant and motivating fitness community. Our intent is to create the largest and most comprehensive co-collaboration platform in SEA promoting international education offering increased exposure and opportunities for Exercise Professionals and collectively work towards a more successful and cohesive exercise profession.