LEVEL 1 pre & postnatal workshop

The damage caused by childbirth can be extensive, from pelvic floor issues, to diastasis, prolapse, incontinence, weak back, (and core), scar tissue and c-section recovery, the list goes on. Exercise and rehabilitation play an essential role in helping rebuild damaged core regions.


  • Core training experts Kirstyn Campbell and Sean McCrory have combined their knowledge and experience to design this educational workshop based around training female core regions safely and effectively.
  • BONUS: 3 x FREE Sub30 Core Restore mp3 workouts included!
  • Sub30 Core Restore will enhance your business. We have devoted a section of the workshop to helping the growth of your fitness business and share successful tips to attract new clients.
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Hours
  • CEC’s
  • Original: $299 AUD
  • Promo: $249 AUD ($50 OFF "EXPRO50")
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In This Workshop You Will Learn:

  • Understanding of the Deep Core Anatomy
  • How to teach activation of the Pelvic Floor and Transverse Abdominals
  • Understanding terms such as Doming, Coning and Peeking
  • Understanding core progression and regression
  • Diastasis Recti (How to help your clients)
  • How to strengthen the deep core while alleviating weakness and pain

BONUS: 3 x FREE Sub30 Core Restore workouts included!

Not only will you receive the basic education and knowledge of running Sub30 Core Restore sessions, but you will also get three workouts to get you started!

Sub30 Core Restore Dawn and Creation Workouts (Valued at $17.95 each) are brand new releases especially designed for workshop participants. You will also be given a link to download our free Foundation workout.

Kirstyn Campbell
"Hi, I’m Kirstyn Campbell from KC Fit, an award-winning women’s health trainer from New Zealand. I have been specialising in women’s health through rehabilitation and exercise for 5 years, both in person and online. I am passionate about educating both mum’s and trainers on how to take care of the female body through exercise, helping it to get stronger and function better for life. I have designed several online Pelvic Floor and Deep Core programs and workshops, including my newly released accredited course for Fitness Professionals. I am excited to be sharing my knowledge via this workshop. I can't wait to arm you with the knowledge and skills to help repair and strengthen your client’s core post childbirth and beyond."


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