Evidence-Based Fitness Intelligence

ph360 provides professional development and leading technology that allows you, the trainer to non-invasively assess and understand each of your clients unique ‘phenotype’.

Access to this information allows you to provide personalised nutrition, exercise and mindset support via an interactive artificial intelligence platform, Shae.

Now you can take personalised health and fitness to the next level with evidence-based lifestyle programs designed around your clients genetic expression.

What you get?

  • A Personalised Health Manual for use with all clients at quick reference
  • Exclusive membership into the ph360 health professional community, meet other trainers, allied health professionals and medical doctors to form a part of your referral and support network
  • Live mentoring to assist you in using Personalised Health with your clients
  • Ongoing training, support and development in personalised exercise prescription, nutrition, coaching and business as you continue on your personalised health professional journey
Usually: $997USD

ExPro Special: $597 USD (Save: $400)

What is the Mastery Series?

The ph360 Mastery Series is the world’s most advanced course in personalised health for personal trainers.

This continuing education course combines the latest in personalised health and epigenetics and is designed for Personal Trainers who are seeking to understand how the whole environment can influence their clients well-being.

Stand out from the crowd, clear the confusion and maximise results!

Mastery Series includes

3 phases of personalised health education over 8 weeks
  • Phase 1: Mastery Series Foundations (online self-paced)
  • Phase 2: ph360 Experience (9-10th October 2021)
  • Phase 3: Personalised Health Integration (Starts 14th October 2021)

What Professionals Say


Taking the fitness industry by storm ExPRO Fitness offers Singapore and Southeast Asia exposure to evolving education from world-renowned experts inside a vibrant and motivating fitness community. Our intent is to create the largest and most comprehensive co-collaboration platform in SEA promoting international education offering increased exposure and opportunities for Exercise Professionals and collectively work towards a more successful and cohesive exercise profession.