Julian Lim


Julian has been involved in high performance strength and conditioning for the past 10 years for elite, national and amateur level athletes. This has given him extensive skills and experience in the field of sport performance conditioning and research development.
Julian was a Lead Performance Specialist at EXOS, catering strength and conditioning programs geared to improving human performance. He was also a full-time strength and conditioning coach at the Singapore Sports Institute for 8 years. His past experience in coaching badminton, basketball, bowling, gymnastics and track and field athletes has assisted him in developing evidence-based training programs, specifically through the development of power, speed and quickness.
Julian has also completed his Master degree in strength and conditioning research, investigating the effects of post-activation on maximal sprint performance of Singapore’s national track and field athletes. His post-graduate studies had enabled him to gain knowledge in the area of strength/power performance monitoring (eg. force plate and linear transducer system integrations.) This has translated into scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals investigating the efficacy of PAP protocols in enhancing athletic performance.

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