Dr Cam McDonald


Dr Cam McDonald is the CEO of ph360 Australia, the world’s leading personalised health technology.
He is a leader, educator, scientist, motivator and a Crusader on a mission. What allows Dr Cam to leave an indelible mark on the audience is his ability to simplify the complexity of health principles, infuse hope and stimulate action. The combination of science, down-to-earth humour and elegant simplicity of truth makes him accessible, relatable and one of the best speakers of his generation.
As CEO of ph360 Australia, Dr Cam is driven to increase awareness around the need for a personalised approach to leadership. This work, while in true alignment with his mission of creating tangible and healthy change in the world, has allowed him to work closely with some of the world’s brightest minds, working across many industries to instigate positive change for our health care and community.

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