Andrew Chadwick


With over 18 years of fitness industry experience to draw on, Chaddy is the lead educator and course content creator for PT Academy. He is a NLP Practitioner, TRX and Trigger Point Performance Senior Master Course In- structor, and Animal Flow Master instructor. His time in the Australian army led him through some physical pain and then on a journey to discover its cause. That then led him to health and fitness where he has been able to help himself and others through coaching movement. He was eventually able to return to his sporting passion, Australian Rules Football, as a player and coach. He is now studying martial arts and finds it a fantastic way to learn and observe movement. Chaddy can apply science and intuition to movement and make it fun and through this earned the 2017 Network FILEX Presenter of the year. His driving passion is now to create health for others, by helping coaches create long term results for their clients.

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