What is Therapy Fitness and what does it represent?

Therapy is a brand new boutique fitness concept that represents the need for change in our industry. We want to flip the script on fitness being sold as a tool purely to burn calories or punish yourself  for last nights “treats” and instead highlight the incredible importance of fitness for mental and emotional health as well as physical.

What was the gap you guys identified in the industry and how does Therapy fulfil this?

Far too many fitness spaces still market to peoples weakness in order to sell memberships. Tell the people they haven’t currently got a “bikini body” and then sell them how to get one. Its really sad! This kind of marketing negatively impacts peoples mental health and self-esteem.

At Therapy we do things differently, we support your goals, but we teach you to fiercely love yourself along the journey. We do not sell before and after photos  – instead we sell experiences that make you feel good!

How is Therapy Fitness impacting people’s lives?

The feedback has actually been overwhelming, in a short 5 months we have heard members say that we are their number one source for mental health. That we are helping them shift the way they see themselves, that they have more body confidence, and less negative self talk! That they are achieving all their physical goals far easier, as they have had a weight lifted off their shoulders as to what their “ideal  body” should look like. Its been so transformational for so many people.

What does Therapy Fitness feel about community?

Community is EVERYTHING, and we have created something beautiful. An uplifting, supportive community that only want to see the best for each other.

We regularly run member workshops and events so they can come together in a more intimate setting and get to know each other better.

How has technology impacted the fitness landscape in the last few years?

Tech as we all know, as hugely impacted the fitness industry in the last few years. People have access to worldwide online fitness experiences anytime any where. People have access to track their sleep, their blood sugar levels, their stress levels and more – and this will only continue to grow. However I think there are two sides to this coin. Those who want to embrace tech and those who want to escape it!

We have very much opted for the “escape” route. Banning phones inside our studios as well as not using very many metrics to track or monitor. Giving our members 45 mins to escape their attachments to tech and be with themselves.

What are your top tips for running an ultra-modern fitness studio or advice to people looking at starting up?

Know who you are, what your values are and who your audience is – you cannot be everything to everybody. So get super clear on who you want your members to be and market to them. The clearer you are, the clearer people will feel about joining your community.

What does the future hold for boutique fitness studios and how to adapt moving forward?

Variety is key, there is reason we opted for a three studio approach, people want and need variety in order to be captivated and retained for long periods of time.

Also recovery and wellness options, are super important, members dont want to be continually smashed and they are educated now on the importance of recovery.  Ensuring you have options for this moving forward is hugely important.