Eugene Teo (Aus)


Eugene Teo has spent over a decade in the industry of training, coaching and helping those around him. He has worked with and consulted for professional athletes across a dozen different sports, along with countless “everyday athletes” in the pursuit of improving their health, physique, performance and life. Early on in his career, Eugene’s passions first lay in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Through his first for knowledge and seeking out the best possible way, Eugene sought out the absolute best in these fields, which, overtime expanded beyond the typical “barbell sports” and into dance, gymnastics, martial arts and yoga, to help make sense of the complexities of the human body, movement and health. More recently, Eugene has become a leader within the health and fitness industry, known for his unique teaching style and breaking down complex topics into applicable, easy to understand concepts. He has lectured in over 50 cities across the world, through the United States, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia – educating coaches, trainers, health professionals and athletes on training, biomechanics and exercise prescription.

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by Eugene Teo (Aus)