Alexis Batrakoulis


Alexis Batrakoulis has been involved in the health and fitness industry in the past 26 years and currently works as a freelance personal trainer, exercise physiologist, educator, subject matter expert, and speaker presenting in 40 countries across five continents and is based in Greece. He holds a B.S. in Physical Education and Sports Science, an M.S. in Exercise and Health and is a graduate teaching and research assistant at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science at the University of Thessaly preparing to earn a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology with emphasis on exercise and obesity. He has also earned numerous professional credentials through ACSM (EP, CPT, and EIM-2), NSCA (CSCS,*D, CSPS,*D, and NSCA- CPT,*D), ACE (CMES, CHC, CPT, WMS, YFS, SFS, TES, and FNS), and NASM (CES, PES, and WLS). He has published over 35 international peer-reviewed scientific papers, abstracts, and book chapters. He is the founder of the International Obesity Exercise Training Institute teaching internationally approved continuing education courses on exercise and health for fitness professionals around the globe. Recently, he received global recognition as the 2018 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, 2019 IDEA China Fitness Innovator, 2020 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year, 2020 MedFit Pro of the Year Finalist, 2021 PFP Trainer of the Year, and 2021 ACSM Certified Professional of the Year. He currently serves as a Member on several ACSM and NSCA Committees and has been a Member as well as a Deputy Director of the Professional Standards Committee of EuropeActive.

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