• FRI, 24TH SEP 2021
  • 10:30AM-12PM (GMT+8)
Training makes you worse, recovery makes you better – Why is proper recovery important and how do you optimise your recovery for gains? In this session Coach Michael Lyons will cover all elements of this popular phenomenon as well as the below key objectives:


  • Ice, contrast therapy, saunas, red light saunas - friend or enemy of recovery?
  • Equipment and modality tips (guns, rollers, Intermittent Pneumatic compression etc) - tips on the what, why and when to use
  • Parasympathetic system or Rest and Digest - What is it? Why is it important and how do I activate it for recovery?
  • Finding your sweet-spot. We are not all equal and Mike will share examples and tips of why different athletes or clients will need to prioritise a different recovery pathway
Coach Mike
Coach Mike has more than 53 years of training and recovery experience in running, cycling and swimming. Including three national titles, 100’s of races and 7000 hours of coaching experience. Coach Mike is also the brand owner and CEO of Global intermittent compression brand Recovery Systems.