• SAT, 27TH NOV 2021
  • 9.30-11AM (GMT+8)

When coaching your clients, one of the most powerful tools available to you is the ability for connection. Did you know that your positivity and the engaging conversations you have with your clients can actually aid them achieving their goals? The energy you exchange can inspire them to passionately produce amazing results and keep them returning to you a happy client again and again.

So as a Personal Trainer how much consideration do you give your coaching presence and client relationships? Do you perhaps have problems with client retention and wonder what you could do better in order to keep them? Do you struggle to get client referrals and wonder what is missing? Perhaps it isn’t your programming competency nor the lack of fun in your training. Perhaps it is something much simpler which you can easily address and begin to boost your fitness business and client results.

Join my 90-mins Masterclass, you will learn:

  • The energy of real engagement
  • How to have a positive powerful presence
  • The most underrated emotion that can drive success
  • 5 clues to look for to shift a difficult conversation
Dexter Tay
Dexter has had 16 years industry experience and currently heads Education & Development in FIT Asia. He is an ICF Coach, WBECS Certified Breakthrough Coach and ICP Agile Coach. He has spent the past 3 years specializing in training and developing Exercise & Health professionals and has been instrumental in the success of many PTs. As a coach, he embraces and lives the Lighthouse metaphor - “Consider a lighthouse. It stands on the shore with its beckoning light, guiding ships safely into the harbour. The lighthouse can't uproot itself, wade out into the water, grab the ship by the stern and say, ‘Listen you fool. If you stay on this path you will break up on the rocks’. No. The ship has some responsibility for its own destiny. It can choose to be guided by the light in the lighthouse; or, it can go its own way. The lighthouse is not responsible for the ship’s decisions. All it can do is be the best lighthouse it knows how to be.”