• FRI, 24TH JUN 2022
  • 09:00AM-11:00AM (GMT+8)

Learn how to keep your pregnant clients training in a way that they enjoy and that you love to coach throughout their prenatal journey! Gain an understanding of the key considerations at each stage of pregnancy, understand the various physiological changes occurring from hormonal and respiratory to pelvic floor and what each of these mean for your programming.

We will explore a range of key functional movements, considerations for each and how to safely and effectively modify your programming, to educate and empower your clients throughout their pregnancy journey. In addition to how and why this can be applied to your Mum clients.

If you train HIIT, CrossFit, Functional or Bootcamp styles or have clients and members that are on their preconception or pregnancy journey, this session is for you!


  • Exploring the physiological changes during pregnancy to understand why, when and what exercise modifications need to be made.
  • Understanding the key considerations for exercise at each trimester from core body temperature, pelvic pain, changes to abdominals and pelvic floor and more and how to adapt your programming accordingly.
  • Key contraindications to exercise during pregnancy
  • Functional movements, considerations for each and appropriate modifications for every stage of pregnancy
  • Dispelling many myths and misconceptions around exercise and pregnancy
Brooke Turner
Brooke is the founder of Balance Fitness and Nutrition, an international health & fitness educator, speaker and published writer with more than 13 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Tertiary qualified in nutrition and exercise science, specialising in pre and post natal demographics, Brooke's mission is to educate and empower women, and fitness professionals working with women, everywhere, on safe, effective, and enjoyable exercise for pregnancy and motherhood. Brooke, a mother of three herself, has trained hundreds of women through their single, twin and even quad pregnancies, throughout their motherhood journeys and educated fitness professionals across Australia and Asia through her course Functional Fitness for Pregnancy and PostPartum.


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