• FRI, 30TH July 2021
  • 9AM-12PM (GMT+8)
What if you were just one training away from acquiring more new clients in a reliable way. ​Building an easy marketing system that works and getting to a point where you’re not overworked and underpaid. That’s what you will experience in our ‘Next Generation Fitness Business’ workshop.


  • How to automate your marketing and get new leads without having to lift a finger
  • How to add new layers of revenue so your business becomes resilient using other offers like nutrition and group coaching
  • How to systemize your business so it can run EFFECTIVELY & EFFICIENTLY — without you.
  • How to close more sales using a proven process that works
  • How to be the leader your clients and your team need you to be
  • How to leverage direct response marketing secrets that will help you grow fast
  • How to use the peak performance “Jedi mind tricks” taught by mindset gurus
Dan is the founder of the ‘Functional Training Institute’ and ‘Game Changer’ program and is a dynamic presenter who delivers courses to fitness professionals worldwide. He coaches over 120 businesses on how to have more impact, profit and income. He is a published author and has presented at major Fitness Conferences around the world.