Forget same old, same old – this is something Singapore’s never seen before!
Imagine that you’re on stage in front of an audience of hundreds of people, doing a five-minute presentation using a slide deck that auto-forwards every 15 seconds, whether you’re ready or not! What would you do? What would you say? Could you stand the pressure?

IGNITE FITNESS delivers a series of five-minute speed presentations from guest speakers and high-profile fitness business leaders, who will explore topics such as The Best Way to Sell a Gym Membership, or How to Smash Engagement Rates on Social Media.

This evening includes:.

  • Four rounds of collaborative ‘speed-dating’
  • Two well-known fitness business guest speakers
  • Four Ignite talks “Ted Talk Style”
  • Networking opportunities for Boutique Owners Gym Owners, Manager, Personal Trainers And Group Fitness Leaders

8 reasons to attend Ignite Fitness Singapore

  1. You’ll network with other industry folk
    Make connections with people, organisations and individuals who can help you take your business to the next level.
  2. You’ll share in the experiences of others
    See what others are doing and learn how to apply it to your own business for success.
  3. You’ll feel inspired
    Enjoy sharing in the experiences of others and gain inspiration from other people’s journey.
  4. You’ll inspire others
    You’ll motivate others to become their best, when you share your story with those you connect with.

  1. You’ll learn new things
    Discover new ways to do things, when you hear about the successful strategies used by others.
  2. You’ll identify and avoid common pitfalls
    Learn from the mistakes of others, so you don’t have to make them yourself!
  3. A surefire ROI
    This event will deliver strategies and ideas that will make you money. So you’re bound to get a great return on investment..
  4. Be part of history
    This event has never been held in Singapore before, so come along and you’ll be part of history in the making!


Come and join THE Fitness Business even inside ExPRO Fitness Convention Singapore on Saturday 29th June from 7-9pm.
Tickets are just $99!