Ask most aging athletes and fitness enthusiasts what 20 years of repetitive exercise and training will do to the body: Run down overused broken bodies. That’s because many training programs enhance fitness but are not sustainable for long-term health or performance. IoM’s 4Q is the first training model that programs exercise for both Health-based outcomes and Sustainable Performance. This all-inclusive approach to exercise programming takes advantage of “Structured Variability” a concept that programs variable exercise to achieve specific training goals.In this 1-Day workshop you’ll learn how to program for Mobility Strength and Power using IoM’s 4Q Training Model for all client types.


  • Monday 19th September 2022
  • Price SG $199 Early Bird until 1st July
  • Regular $259
  • Hosted by our venue partners GSIC @ Singapore Sports Hub
  • Ideal for all Exercise & Sports Professionals looking to elevate their knowledge in Health & Performance, learning directly from IOM Founder, Michol Dalcourt


  • Discuss Structured Variability as a solution to useFitness for Health
  • Explore IoM’s 4Q Training Model: The only trainingmodel designed to foster sustainable health and performance
  • Classify exercises into each quadrant
  • Design 4Q workouts for common training themes:Mobility Strength Power and Cardio
  • Improve Personal Training Sales using 4Q
Michol Dalcourt
Michol Dalcourt is an internationally recognized industry leader in health and human performance. He is the Founder and CEO of the Institute of Motion, inventor of ViPR (www.vipr.com) and Co-Founder of PTA Global (www.ptaglobal.com). As an international lecturer and educator, Michol has authored numerous articles on human design and function. Michol has served as Adjunct Faculty at the University of San Francisco in the Department of Sports Science and also as Faculty at the NAIT College School of Health Sciences. Michol’s highly innovative techniques have been adopted by many of the top international fitness certification bodies. Michol has given hundreds of international lectures and has been a featured speaker at most of the world’s top fitness conferences, fitness clubs and at many colleges and universities around the world. Michol has done extensive work in the areas of health and human performance, and consults with many of the fitness industry’s biggest companies - including Equinox, Microsoft and Nike among others. Michol has contributed to programs for general health as well as athletes of all levels, such as college level pitchers, NHL hockey players, NLL Lacrosse players and Olympic gold medal athletes. Michol received his education from the University of Alberta in the area of Exercise Science (Faculty of Physical Education). Other certifications include C.F.C. accreditation from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists and Certified Specialist with the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals.


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