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What is the difference between an elite athlete and the weekend warrior? How many times have we seen those with potentially superior skills miss the mark because they gassed out or were overwhelmed by an opponent’s strength? Often times athletes focus a majority of their efforts in training their technique but fall short due to insufficient or ineffective focus on strength and conditioning.

These lectures will give you the information and tools necessary to optimize your training and nutrition for sports so that you can fully implement your technique, get the results you deserve, and emerge your winning best!


  • Learn from sports specific expert Benjamin Siong
  • Online learning
  • Complete at your own pace
  • 4 PTA Global CEC’s
  • 7 CEU ISSA

$79 USD

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Course Info

  • Students will receive an official Learn-ASP certificate upon successful completion
  • This series is accredited by PTA Global for 4 CECs and ISSA for 8 CEUs
  • For more detailed instructions to claim your certificate, follow our step-by-step guide here
  • Reminder: Click on the “Complete” button at the bottom of each lecture page to register your progress (applies to the preview lecture too)


  • Comp Prep – Getting The Competitors Edge
  • Weighing In For Sport
  • Sports Nutrition and Athletic Performance – The Neglected Link
  • Strength Programming for Athletes (Part 1)
  • Strength Programming for Athletes (Part 2)


  • Coaches and fitness professionals looking to deepen their knowledge on sports-specific training & nutrition for professional development and to benefit their clients and athletes
  • Athletes looking for more effective ways to cut weight, or optimize their strength & conditioning and nutrition for their sport
  • Bodybuilders, physique and bikini competitors
  • Anyone looking to maximize their potential in their chosen sport
Benjamin Siong
Benjamin Siong is the Founder of Australian Strength Performance, Australia’s premiere training and education company focused on 4 main areas: athletic performance, physique transformations, sports psychology and optimal nutrition. Having graduated with an honours degree in psychology, Ben is also a level 5 Poliquin Strength Coach, ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist and a highly sought after international fitness presenter. His expertise lies in combining specific training protocols with optimal nutrition and supplementation – all individualized and specifically tailored to help the athlete accelerate their progress and achieve their goals. He has worked with top international athletes in a variety of different sports, as well as with champion bodybuilders, fitness models and pageant queens, including Miss Australia 2011 and Miss Malaysia 2012. He is contactable on www.trainasp.com.au