What is CLMB and what does it represent?

CLMB, pronounced as (CLIMB) was chosen with the modern era in mind. Instead of using the word that we all know (Climb), we use an acronym as there’s no ‘I’ at CLMB. Together, we are a team from our members; front desk; instructors and partners.

As Singapore 1st versa climbing studio, CLMB is located right in the heart of Singapore’s CBD where you can burn up to 800 calories with just 45 minutes on the versa climber.

But that’s not all we have to offer! CLMB also incorporates high intensity interval training and resistance training to provide our members with a well-rounded and effective workout. It’s a sensational experience coupled with vibrant lights and music pumping through your veins.

It’s where you unleash the peak of your potential.

What was the gap your team identified in the industry and how does CLMB fulfil this?

At CLMB we take in to consideration what is;

  1. Scientifically proven,
  2. Efficient and effective in a shorter period of time,
  3. Least injury inflicting,
  4. A total body workout,
  5. FUN.

Many of the fitness studios would hit perhaps 3 – 4, however, as mentioned above but with the versa climber, we would meet the perfect 5. It’s an amazing feeling being able to provide what we felt was missing in the fitness industry, in Singapore and South East Asia.

What makes CLMB different to its competitors?

We are the one and only Versa Climbing studio in Singapore and there are only 2 Versa Climbing studios in the SEA region thus far. Our classes could lead you to burn up to 800 cals in 45 min or less covering a total body workout each time you step foot into a CLMB class. We offer efficiency and effective.

Not just that, we’ve also added the clubbing vibe and the fun factor in our classes. You will find members sweating, panting yet singing all at the same time.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when opening CLMB?

I guess one of our biggest challenges setting up CLMB was logistics and manpower. As versa climbing is so new to Singapore, it took us months to train up our instructors to ensure we do it right and to deliver the best to our fellow Singaporeans as a team.

What are your top tips for running a successful fitness studio? 

Definitely having a great team and to create a positive, radiant environment for our community is one of the top tips to running a successful studio. It is also very important to always stay fresh and innovative and to have passion in what you do and provide.

Why is team important at CLMB?

Our team is important because we believe there’s never a one man team sailing the ship. We need all of us in order to reach our destination. In another word, goal.

What is coming in the next 12-18 months for you and the team at CLMB?

We are looking to extend both locally and internationally as a Franchise. To offer more CLMB studios all around.